German Shepherd Training

Training a German Shepherd is important for many reasons. German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that need to be challenged mentally and physically. Without proper training, they may become bored, which can lead to unwanted behaviour.

Training also helps German Shepherds learn how to interact appropriately with people and other animals. Additionally, obedience training can make living with a German Shepherd much easier, as they will know how to follow commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. Training a German Shepherd is well worth it when you have a happy and well-behaved dog and can be a great bonding experience for you and your dog.

We to train German Shepherds

Training a German Shepherd can be a challenging but rewarding experience. At Yorkshire Canine Academy, we have the experience and knowledge to help owners train their German Shepherd in a way that is best for both the dog and the owner.

We offer a variety of 1-2-1 classes, including obedience, behaviour training, and residential training, that are designed to give owners the tools they need to train their German Shepherd effectively. In addition, we offer private consultations for owners who want to work on specific training goals. Whether you’re looking to compete in obedience trials or simply want a well-behaved companion, we can help you achieve your goals.

An individual training course of 5 sessions spread over 12 weeks.

Video library and tutorials of each training activity.

A comprehensive guide relevant to their dog.

Schedules for each stage of the course.

How it works

We like to keep things simple; our steps below show our 5-step approach.

1. Book.

Our friendly admin team or user-friendly booking system makes it easy for you to book an assessment for your dog at a time that suits you.

2. Meet.

Our initial assessment allows us to identify and address the needs to be met or problems that need to be solved.

3. Plan

Once we have an understanding of what your dog needs, our training team will create a training programme that suits both you and your dog.

4. Train

This is where the hard work starts. Our training team will guide you through our tailored programme in person and remotely when you need it.

5. Graduation.

On completion of the course, you and your dog will graduate from the Yorkshire Canine Academy and will gain access to exclusive member services such as day-care, boarding and store discount.

One Happy Dog.

Why Choose us?

We promise a personalised professional training service with no compromise.


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Terri MoloneyTerri Moloney
09:45 19 Nov 23
I have had a fantastic experience with Yorkshire Canine Academy! The trainers are knowledgeable, patient, and truly dedicated to helping dogs thrive. The positive reinforcement methods used are effective, and my crazy spaniel is responding incredibly well. The facility is well-maintained, creating a comfortable environment for both dogs and their owners. I highly recommend Yorkshire Canine Academy for anyone seeking professional and positive dog training.
Marta MordonMarta Mordon
18:08 18 Nov 23
Not only a great place to train your dog, which I have been a loyal customer to for about a year and a half now, but also a professional organiser of many insightful and often completely free seminars, filled with interesting topics and helpful advice that I’ve been able to take away and incorporate into training of my dog. I highly recommend this place, run by people who are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and experienced.
Jamie FieldsendJamie Fieldsend
14:59 18 Nov 23
Attended a seminar at Yorkshire Canine Academy which I found really useful with some good tips to take home and use with my dog training. Would definitely recommend attending future seminars.
Renata WodzynskaRenata Wodzynska
14:58 18 Nov 23
14:56 18 Nov 23
Amazing seminar. Super friendly and welcoming team on hand
Jake SandersJake Sanders
14:55 18 Nov 23
Really good seminar

Know Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a versatile breed, capable of working as police dogs, service dogs, and even therapy dogs. They are also popular family pets. German Shepherds are intelligent and easily trainable, but they can also be resilient and independent.

Size: Medium to Large (55 cm to 65 cm) / Age: 10 to 15 years / Temperament: Intelligent, Alert, Confident, Courageous, Curious, Loyal, Obedient, Watchful / Energy Levels: High / Colours: Brown, Black, Grey, Black & Tan, Sable, Red & Black, White or Blue / Also Known As: German Shepherd Dog (GSD), German Shepherd, Alsatian

Training your German Shepherd with our Academy

At Yorkshire Canine Academy, we offer a range of training options for German Shepherds of all ages. Our obedience classes are designed to teach basic commands and help owners establish a strong bond with their dog. For German Shepherd puppies, we recommend our puppy development days, which provides a bespoke hands-on approach that helps owners get started on the right foot. For socialisation, our group classes are a great option, allowing puppies to interact with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Residential Dog Training

For some owners with German Shepherd, we strongly believe in the power of residential dog training. For German Shepherds specifically, this type of training can be incredibly beneficial in helping with obedience and aggression issues. We have seen first-hand how successful residential dog training can be in transforming a dog’s behaviour. Not only does it give the dog a chance to learn in a one-on-one setting, but it also allows the trainer to get to know the dog’s unique personality and needs.

This personalised approach is often key in helping a dog make lasting behaviour changes. In addition, we find that the structure and routine of residential dog training helps to promote good behaviour even after the training is completed.

Join the German Shepherd Club 🐕‍🦺

German shepherd dog owners have a lot to be proud of. These dogs are not only intelligent and loyal, but they are also versatile and trainable. That’s why we created the German Shepherd Club at Yorkshire Canine Academy.

This exclusive club is open to anyone who has successfully completed our training course. As a member, you’ll enjoy special benefits, events and content that is not available to the general public. So if you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your German shepherd, enrol in our course today and become a part of the club. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.