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“Just finished my 1-1 training package of 5 sessions with Jacob and I’ve come away feeling incredibly impressed and grateful. When we started the sessions my American Bulldog, did not listen to me whatsoever, was a big puller and showed slight signs of ‘dog aggression’ and certainly no recall.”

“I can’t recommend Wakefield dog training highly enough. I had a 15 month old border collie cross that I had lost all control of. She would runaway when off lead. Had little to no recall and pulled my arm out of its socket when walking. I started dreading walks.”

“We arrived with a very unruly Bull Terrier, Not I might add the easiest of dogs when it comes to Training, They are stubborn, Bolshy & almost childlike with their Attitudes. But we have just finished our course with Jacob & have enjoyed every Minute, Not only did he teach our dog, he taught us too.”