Residential Dog Training

Our Residential dog training courses are designed to give your dog the best possible start to their training journey. Your dog will spend their time monitored, cared for and trained by our professional, passionate team. This provides round the clock attention and replicates your dog’s everyday life. We do not use a kennel service for our residential guests, we feel this creates an artificial environment of which inhibits our dog’s ability to learn. Owners will receive daily updates on their dog’s progress giving critical peace of mind that their dog is in the safest of hands.

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Watch Mabel’s 4-week Residential Glow Up

When Mabel came to us, she struggled around dogs and people. Over a 4 week period, we taught clicker value, leash control, in house training to transform her into a happier dog.

Watch Mabel the Bullmastiff’s journey when she attended our 4-week residential dog training course.

Mabels 4-Week Residential Training

Our Residential Dog Training Approach

Chances are, you’re looking for help because your dog has an unwanted or multiple unwanted behaviours. Every time your dog has opportunity to practice this bad behaviour, it gets stronger, this is what we refer to as a ‘behavioural bank account’. The first step of behaviour modification is blocking our dog’s ability to deposit into this bank account. The next step is to then open a new bank account of an alternate behaviour. Until the alternate bank account has greater equity than the old, the unwanted behaviour will still exist.

Sometimes, real life situations and environments don’t allow us to close that old unwanted bank account. Our training facility allows us to control and manage the environment to the point that we can almost immediately close the old bank account and start making deposits into the new. We then replicate the training in as many different environments as possible such as cafe’s, parks, train stations, beer gardens, shopping centres etc etc. This ensures your dog understands what they’ve been taught even under high distraction, real life situations.

Once the residential training comes to end your dog should have be out of the red and into the black ready for you to take the reigns and start your training journey with a clean slate. As well as behaviour modification the stay will include:

Lead Manners / Reliable Sit / Place Command / Crate Training / Recall / Controlled Play

We offer short term and long-term residential stays and have a curriculum for each; however, we can also offer custom length courses to fit around your schedule or holidays.

How Much Does It Cost For Dog Residential Training?

Your new best friend can be trained to become an excellent companion, even if you’re not ready for a dog. We offer dog & puppy residential training from £700 per week – all dogs that attend our facility receive warm and comfortable accommodations as well as expert care by professional dog trainers!

Although, you can book a residential course straight away, we would recommend undergoing a behaviour consultation first to ensure this is the best option for your dog. If you then choose to go ahead with a long-term stay (2-4 weeks), the price of consultation will be deducted from your course cost.

Tailored residential course.

Video library and tutorials of each training activity taught featuring your dog.

A comprehensive guide relevant to your dog.

Training Schedules post residential.

Follow up support via WhatsApp with your assigned trainer.

Equipment Package.

How it works.

We like to keep things simple, our steps below show our 5-step approach

1. Book.

Our friendly admin team or user-friendly booking system makes it easy for you to book a consultation at a time that suits you.

2. Meet.

Our initial consultation allows us to identify and address goals that need to be met or problems that need to be solved.

3. Plan.

Once we have an understanding of what you need, our training team will create a 12-week training programme that suits both you and your dog.

4. Train.

This is where the hard work starts. Our training team will guide you through the 12-Week programme in person and remotely when you need it.

5. Graduation.

On completion of the course, you and your dog will graduate from the Yorkshire Canine Academy and will gain access to exclusive member services such as day-care, boarding and store discount.

One Happy Dog.

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Why Choose us?

We promise a personalised professional training service with no compromise.

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“We left Hugo with Jacob and Georgie for a four day residential. We were amazed when we went to pick him up. He walked near roads, walked to heal and there was no pulling on the lead. In the months that have followed we have had 1 to 1 training sessions to work on Hugo’s recall, which is getting better each week. We now can’t wait to start the group training classes.”

“We were given a range of options to start our training journey and the value for the service was great. We decided with one of the residential options followed with 1 to 1 training. As soon as Millie came back we noticed a difference, much calmer but under no illusion this was a long road. Our trainer made it very clear with simple steps how we were going to proceed and what to expect throughout the journey.”

“Jacob came to our house to see her and immidiately made an impact. He taught us how to create a calm environment for her and we saw a change in her in a matter of days. From there Juno went on the residential and within 3 days was able to walk alongside other dogs and approach them. We knew this wasn’t a quick fix and have, under the close guidance of Jacob, worked extremely hard to stick to the programme given to us and Juno is doing so well!”