Individual training course

5 sessions over 12 weeks with each session lasting 60-minutes.

Video library

Tutorials of each training activity from your sessions plus bonus extras.

Comprehensive guide

A detailed training guide relevant to your dog to accompany your training plan.

Training schedules

Bespoke training schedules for each stage of the course.

What you learn
Structured Play

Did you know that dogs are pre-programmed to play? Neglecting their need to play is actually akin to neglecting other needs like sleep, food and water. IF we were to do that, we’d be having big problems! We find that if we fail to meet these needs, we create a “pressure cooker” situation.

Release your dogs pent up energy
Reduce stimulation & impulse over novel things
What you learn
Lead Walking

Enjoy your walks! Are you sick of getting dragged from pillar to post on your dog walks? Dogs who pull on a lead are significantly more likely to react than those who don’t.

Keep your dog by your side without them pulling
Mitigate reactivity caused by lead pulling
Increase engagement with the owner
What you learn
Threshold Training

What is a threshold? In dog training, a threshold is typically an exit or entry point of confinement eg. your front door, the crate door, the car boot. More often than not, our dogs get VERY excited at thresholds and when a dog is just THAT excited it makes the learning process almost impossible. On top of that, seeing an open door of any sort and thinking they should charge out, is very dangerous. After all, thresholds are there for good reason, safety.

Teaching your dog that an open door means “calmness” not excitement
Make training easier and keep your dog safe
What you learn

The big one! Nothing will fulfil a dog and owner like enjoying off-lead freedom. However, if you’re like most owners and can’t trust your dog’s behaviour while off lead, then giving them that freedom may seem like light years away. Less freedom = a more pent up dog which may see a ‘decline’ in our dogs behaviour pushing us even further away from our recall goals. Arrghhh!! Our recall method is unlike anything else you’ll find online. We’ve helped to transform dogs that were reactive, pulling on the lead, chasing cars/squirrels/you name it.

Peace of mind that they're going to come back, 100% of the time
Enjoy off-lead walks and freedom
What you learn
Crate Training

On average a dog needs up to 18/20 hours of sleep per day (yes even adult dogs!). Most dogs we see on consultations are topping the sleep scales at around 10/12 hours. Imagine showing up to work after months of only having 4 hours sleep. The biggest problem we see in under-rested dogs is that they don’t have a bedroom, no safe space, no designated place they can chill out and DO NOTHING. This isn’t learned naturally, we’d never expect a toddler to understand when they’re over tired and then regulate their own nap times accordingly so why would we expect anything different from our dog?

Create a sleepy safehaven
Promote healthy sleeping patterns in your dog
What you learn
Place Training

Does your dog behave like a child at the playground inside your home? Perhaps your dog can’t contain their excitement when guests arrive or your German Shepherd insists on warning off every passerby, out of the front window.

Get your dog to settle
Remain in control, when needed, inside the home
What you learn
Structured Play
Structured Play
Structured Play
What you learn
Lead Walking
Lead Walking
Lead Walking
What you learn
Threshold Training
Threshold Training
Threshold Training
What you learn
What you learn
Crate Training
Crate Training
Crate Training
What you learn
Place Training
Place Training
Place Training

Who is our 1-to-1 dog training for?

Our dog training is perfect for all dogs

The intrinsic motivation of dogs may change over time, their personalities are different, so our programme, although addressing fundamental basics, will adapt over the course to best cater to your dog.

How our dog training works

Book assessment

Our friendly admin team or user-friendly booking system makes it easy for you to book an assessment for your dog at a time that suits you.

Initial meet & consultation

Our consultations are critical in helping us to get to know more about your dog, their background, history and the relationship between you. They also give you the opportunity to meet our staff, have a look around the centre and touch on training methods that may be appropriate to your dog. This allows us to optimise the plan as much as possible. ‘Going in blind’ would be nonsensical for an owner and for us.

Bespoke training programme

We offer a number of different base services at the YCA. The assessment allows an insight into which of these services may be the most appropriate and also appeals to you. Once you have decided, we set about creating a skeleton curriculum, covering the priorities of your dog and our trainers suggestions. This can morph and change the duration of the course depending on circumstance.

Remote & in-person training

We offer both in person and remote training to suit individual commitments. 


On completion of your course, your trainer will advise you on next steps. You’re always welcome at the YCA and we have multiple continuation services. You can take it easy while still keeping up with your training at our socialisation classes, or aim to push your dog a little further and try your hand at advanced obedience. We even have a working dog club who have great fun on a sunday, training dogs and sipping coffee while talking about dogs! Remember, if your dog’s awake, you're training (or detraining) them!

Get a head start

Kickstarter dog training

Our kickstart programme is designed to do just that, kickstart your dogs training. We ‘preload’ your dog with new skills and training to accelerate you up the ladder. It allows more hands-on time for the trainers to better understand what makes your dog tick.

Increase the speed of your dogs learning
Perfect for reducing unwanted behaviour and reactivity
Better diagnostic of your dog’s behaviour with more contact time. 
More time around potential triggers with both staff stooge dogs and other kickstart enrolled dogs
Potential offsite forays to generalise training
Do kickstarters take place over the weekend?

Yes, we’re open 7-days a week and training takes place on weekdays and the weekend.

Do they have to be consecutive days?

To get the most out of your training, kickstarter days should be completed consecutively.

Where will my dog be kept during the day?

Dogs are trained for 20-25 mins each hour, in between sessions dogs are crated in our air-conned (in summer)/ heated (in winter) dog room. Rest periods are imperative to your dog’s ability to learn.

What if I’m struggling with the homework after my kickstarter days?

You’ll be given our WhatsApp contact number so you can send any questions/queries to us there

Book assessment
What to expect from kickstarter days?
Drop your dog off

Short brief to your trainer, has anything changed since the assessment, how has the – motivational work gone, has a marker been loaded or any health changes.

9:00 – 16:00
Active training sessions

Active training sessions - Your dog’s issues are worked on with incremental exposure, interspersed with periods of play, toilet time and neutral time. Active training sessions are kept quite short but with high frequency, in line with learning theory.

The essential food (term explained prior) is used as a reinforcer throughout the day, hence why the pre-training material is key!

Pick up time!

It’s Pick up Time! Your dog will be brought to your car. A brief summary of how their day at school has gone and advice/homework for the evening given.

16:00 - 17:00
Handover session (on your final day)

This is your first 1-2-1 session, where we’ll teach you what we’ve taught your dog. You’ll be armed with some homework for the coming weeks and be given the first of 3 training guides to support you.

Prefer to train your dog at home?

We do home visits in & around Leeds!

If you don’t see your location on the list, don’t worry. We may still be able to come to you. Give us a quick call on 0113 4861 980 to check.

State of the art facilities

Coffee shop

Relax with a coffee in our coffee shop before or after your training sessions and test your dog’s ability to do nothing before trying it out in the real world.


We have a large canopy in our field so, come rain, hail or shine we can continue your dogs training in shelter and shade. 

Enclosed training field

Our large training field is perfect for training your dog in a safe environment while enabling us to increase the level of distraction they face.

Yorkshire Canine Store

Pick up all the equipment you might need for training your dog in our onsite store. We stock various leads, collars, toys and dog food, making us your one stop shop for all things dog!

Air-conditioned/heated dog room

Our dog room is air-conditioned in the summer months and heated through the winter so no matter what the weather, your dogs can rest in comfort between their training sessions.

Living room

Separate to our consultation space we have a mock living room for you to practice the art of doing nothing with your dog.

PayPal Pay In 3

Pay in 3 with PayPal

0% interest. Pay over 3 months.
1. Select a service

Choose a service for your dog & get in touch with us to discuss requirements.

2. Receive a link

Once confirmed, we will send you a Paypal payment link for Pay-in-3.

3. Pay

Paypal will confirm your payment plan over 3 months. Interest free.

Book assessment
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Build a healthy relationship with your dog

Create a serene home environment in Leeds with our expert dog training. Witness your dog's transformation and relish in a well-behaved, happy dog.

Other areas we cover near Leeds

How we compare
Traditional dog training
Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

We have 2 indoor consultation areas, a covered outdoor space, a coffee shop and over 3 acres of enclosed outdoor space.

Bespoke training plans

All training plans are designed specifically for your dog and based on the individual goals discussed in your pre-training assessment.

Stooge dogs

We use stooge dogs during training sessions to allow your dog to practice real life scenarios, in a controlled environment.

Online supporting material

You get access to all YCA premium content online when you purchase a training programme.

WhatsApp support and feedback

Not sure if you’re getting it right at home? You can send us your training footage via WhatsApp and your trainer will send you some feedback.

Group classes for different levels

Upon graduating from your 1-2-1 programme you’ll have the option to continue your training one of our group classes.

Residential training

Our residential dogs stay in our homes overnight, no kennels involved.


Meet the team

Yorkshire Canine Academy is a team of expert trainers and behaviourists. We use cutting-edge, motivational techniques for dog training. Tailoring our methods to each dog's specific needs, we ensure that our approach stays at the forefront of canine behaviour and training.

Once your dog has graduated

What next?

Upon graduating from your 1-2-1 course, you’ll be given the option to move into one of our three group classes depending on your dog’s obedience level.

Learn about dog training classes
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Dog training FAQs

Ask us a question
Why should I consider kickstarter days and not just 1-2-1s?

Kickstarter days do exactly what they say on the tin - they give your dog a headstart in their training. It makes your job easier as an owner as the main thing you’ll have to do is maintain whatever behaviours we’ve instilled on the kickstarter days.

Do you work with difficult, big, and/or aggressive dogs?

Yes, yes and yes! We work with all types of dogs with any number of behavioural issues. 

Will my dog be as good for me as they are for the trainers?

As long as you are consistent and follow through with your trainers advice, yes! Our fully comprehensive training guide is designed to hold your hand throughout.

Do I need an assessment?

Yes, our assessments are designed to make sure our training team has the best possible understanding of your dog to ensure the training programme prescribed will help you achieve your goals.

What should I bring to the assessment?

Your dog(s), anything you usually bring on a walk. 

What training methods do you use?

We treat each dog on an individual basis but do not limit ourselves to one particular quadrant of operant conditioning.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Yes, we can teach old dogs new tricks. The longer a dog has had to practise certain behaviours the longer they can take to change, but it’s far from impossible. 

Will my dog lose their personality?

We’re not ironing out your dog’s individual quirks, we’re putting a stop to unwanted behaviours.

My dog won’t take treats outside & won’t work for food

During your assessment, you’ll receive a food guide which will show you how to build motivation for essential food (not treats) and why it’s important for training.

Does my dog need training or do I?

Likely, both!