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Our Kickstarter days bridge the gap between basic 1-to-1 training and a residential stay. They allow the front loading of the training process without fully relinquishing your dog. Having your dog for at least a full day also serves as a more comprehensive diagnostic than can be achieved in your 1-hour assessment or the 1-1 course alone. More time around dogs, numerous handlers and stimuli can help with a dog’s generalisation as well as deepen our understanding of their issues.

Why Choose Our Kickstarter Days?

The answer is quite simple, we can get more done in a day than we can in an hour of the 1-to-1course. This allows us to teach your dog new appropriate behaviours/skillsets before you take the lead (in both ways!).

You’ll get pre-training guidance/information on building motivation and markers in a staged release fashion. All this can help accelerate the training process whilst your dog is with us. Training is nuanced towards yours and your dog’s particular needs, from dog reactivity to lead manners and recall (all dependant on progress).

Dependant on the starting point we may be able to work on skills such as loose lead walking, reliable sit, place and down command, appropriate and functional play, recall.

Increase Speed of your Dogs Learning

Perfect for Reducing Unwanted Behaviour and Reactivity

More Time with Trainer

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1. Select.

Choose a service and get in touch with us to discuss requirements.

2. Link.

Once confirmed, we will send you a Paypal payment link for Pay-in-3.

3. Pay.

Paypal will confirm your payment plan over 3 months. Intrest free.

How to get Kickstarted?

We like to keep things simple, our steps below show our 5-step approach

1. Schedule.

Arrange a consultation with one of our qualified trainers either in-person or via video call.

2. Hello.

Our trainer will introduce themselves and discuss what you want from your dog.

3. Plan.

Following your consultation our trainers club together and develop a personalised plan.

4. Train.

Together you and your trainer will work through the plan to give you the dog you want.

5. Review.

After your plan is complete our trainer will review progress and discuss next steps.

One Happy Pup.

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What to expect from our Kickstarter Training

To aid in the process and ensure there is no ‘bad behaviour money’ deposited in the bank you may be asked to do some basic homework on each evening of the kickstarter programme. Again, this allows us to get the most from this intense period of training. All kickstart programmes are couple with 1-1 sessions after. This allows us to discuss our findings in more detail, show you how to implement new skills/behaviours and troubleshoot as we go.

Example Day

Free Puppy Commandments Guide

Start your puppy off the right way with our FREE 10 puppy commandments guide.

Why Choose us?

We promise a personalised professional training service with no compromise.


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Terri MoloneyTerri Moloney
09:45 19 Nov 23
I have had a fantastic experience with Yorkshire Canine Academy! The trainers are knowledgeable, patient, and truly dedicated to helping dogs thrive. The positive reinforcement methods used are effective, and my crazy spaniel is responding incredibly well. The facility is well-maintained, creating a comfortable environment for both dogs and their owners. I highly recommend Yorkshire Canine Academy for anyone seeking professional and positive dog training.
Marta MordonMarta Mordon
18:08 18 Nov 23
Not only a great place to train your dog, which I have been a loyal customer to for about a year and a half now, but also a professional organiser of many insightful and often completely free seminars, filled with interesting topics and helpful advice that I’ve been able to take away and incorporate into training of my dog. I highly recommend this place, run by people who are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and experienced.
Jamie FieldsendJamie Fieldsend
14:59 18 Nov 23
Attended a seminar at Yorkshire Canine Academy which I found really useful with some good tips to take home and use with my dog training. Would definitely recommend attending future seminars.
Renata WodzynskaRenata Wodzynska
14:58 18 Nov 23
14:56 18 Nov 23
Amazing seminar. Super friendly and welcoming team on hand
Jake SandersJake Sanders
14:55 18 Nov 23
Really good seminar